6 Reasons To Choose Click Vinyl Flooring

6 Reasons To Choose Click Vinyl Flooring

Click vinyl flooring is one of the rising stars and comes in many styles. Often confused with laminate vinyl click is something a little more unique although it does share some similarities with laminate.

Vinyl flooring is generally made form PVC and like laminate, it can be designed to imitate other types of flooring. Whatever colour/ design tastes you have you will likely find a vinyl flooring design that meets your approval.

But of course the design/ colour aren’t the only things you need to think about when choosing flooring are they? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing vinyl and why it might be the best flooring option for you.

It’s Water Resistant

Vinyl is one of the few flooring materials that can proudly claim to be waterproof!  Click vinyl flooring is made from hardy waterproof materials and therefore is incredibly useful for bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a common misconception that laminate is a waterproof material, when in fact it isn’t. In fact, many people are likely confusing laminate with vinyl when it comes to their waterproof properties. So, if you want to ensure that there are never any slips or trips or prevent a build-up of moisture in your home then vinyl is the ideal choice.

It’s Durable

Vinyl is a very tough material and when properly installed it could easily last decades! Vinyl can also be quite easy to install yourself if you are using tiles/planks that click together like those you find in click flooring.

So, if you want a long lasting floor then vinyl is a great choice and best of all this durability also helps protect your home in other ways. Things like plates or glasses that are dropped onto a click vinyl floor can often survive intact. Because of its durability and resilience vinyl is ideal for people looking for strong flooring that can last a long time with minimal upkeep.

It’s Hygienic

Vinyl is a very hygienic material that is naturally stain resistant! This makes it great for homes with pets or children. One thing a lot of people don’t know about vinyl is that it actually features a surface layer at the top called a clear wear layer.

This acts as a barrier to dirt, grime, and dust which helps protect the flooring and makes cleaning it easy. Usually, all you will need to do is give the flooring a mop or sweep every now and again although there are specialist vinyl floor cleaners you can use as well.

It’s Comfortable

Vinyl might not seem like it is an overly comfortable flooring option but when you actually feel it on your feet you might be surprised by how comfortable it can be. Click vinyl flooring must be installed with a thin specialised underlay which is designed to ensure the click-system stays intact. So, the underlay isn’t overly thick but despite this it can still be softer underfoot. Vinyl doesn’t feel cold either which can make it the perfect choice for the colder areas of your home.

It’s Versatile

Click vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile and when it comes to aesthetics there are limitless options. Do you want a bold single colour floor, something strange and unusual or do you want an imitation hardwood floor?

All these and much more can be accomplished with vinyl. Of course, the more unusual and popular designs will cost more but there are still some great budget-friendly options when it comes to vinyl flooring as well. When you combined its aesthetic versatility with its durability and water resistance you get very stylish long-lasting flooring.

It’s Easy To Install

Vinyl flooring is believed by some to be very difficult to install but this all depends on the type of vinyl flooring you get. Vinyl click flooring is designed for safe and secure locking which makes installation easier and the plank and tile shapes allow you to easily install it yourself if you prefer.

Of course, if you are inexperienced then opting for a professional installation is advised but vinyl isn’t the unruly, difficult to handle flooring some people think it is. So, if you want to try a little do it yourself vinyl is a great choice.

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