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Flat-Strip Oak

 Oak Strips can be used to cover an expansion gap between floors.  Oak flat beading can be used to hide gaps against external doors or used to cover the expansion gap around the perimeter of your wood flooring. We sell most widths in a variety of wood species which include – Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut.  Lengths available are 900mm, 2400mm and 2700mm, widths available are 23mm, 45mm and 65mm and thicknesses are 5mm and 6mm.  Unfinished and Satin Lacquered finishes are available.

£4.54£5.82 Exc Vat
£5.60£6.91 Exc Vat
£9.97£22.20 Exc Vat
£11.33£14.56 Exc Vat
£16.40£21.11 Exc Vat
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