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Haro Corkett Flooring

Haro Corkett Flooring is made up from a 3-layer engineered board. Total thickness is 11mm,  bottom layer is a cork layer of 1.5mm, then the middle layer is a 6.5mm hdf coreboard.  Finally a top layer of cork between 2.5mm and 3mm which is pre-finished with Permadur lacquer.  Installation is a breeze thanks to the top-connect click together system.  Haro Corkett flooring has a 5 year warranty.

Cork flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials available. Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree which is harvested every nine years and does not involve the destruction of the tree. Furthermore, the tree can be harvested for up to 250 years. Cork is totally bio-degradable, has exceptional thermal and acoustic properties and is highly resistant to fire.

£38.99 per m2 Exc Vat
£35.19 per m2 Exc Vat
£39.10 per m2 Exc Vat
£24.75 per m2 Exc Vat
£28.67 per m2 Exc Vat