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Cheap Floor Underlay

We sell a very wide selection of cheap underlay at competitive prices for carpet, laminate and engineered flooring. Whether it’s a luxurious thick carpet underlay or a underlay that is designed to reduce the sound of your floor, we have the lot.  We also supply carpet and wood underlays that are designed for use over underfloor heatingBulk discounts are also available with next day delivery.

Wood Flooring Underlay

Vapourstop Tape

£4.18 Exc Vat
Great Value
£9.00£95.00 Exc Vat
£14.00£19.00 Exc Vat
Great Value

Wood Flooring Underlay

Barrier Standard 3mm Foam Underlay

£14.56 Exc Vat
£18.00£25.00 Exc Vat
Bulk Discounts Available

Flooring Accessories

QA Econolay Carpet Underlay

£18.41 Exc Vat
Out of stock
£19.90 Exc Vat
£19.99 Exc Vat

Wood Flooring Underlay

Fibreboard Underlay

£22.55 Exc Vat

Wood Flooring Underlay

Polyfoam Vapour Control Underlay

£24.50 Exc Vat
£24.99 Exc Vat