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Dark Oak Parquet Flooring

Dark Oak Parquet Flooring has been around for hundreds of years, and if fitted correctly would last for generations.  We sell this as a pre-finished engineered version saving you the time on sanding and sealing the flooring. 

With Boen Prestige Parquet Flooring you can create a variaty of parquet patterns, comes with half left hand and half right hand strips.
Due to only being 10mm in height, this is a ideal for where height gain is an issue.  Parquet Flooring is installed as a geometric mosaic shape, there are many patterns it can be laid, also a mixture of colours can be used to give a unique look. We sell solid oak parquet flooring and engineered oak parquet which is already pre-finished, this is a massive time saver as there is no need to sand, lacquer or stain the parquet floor.

Atkinson & Kirby Renaissance Parquet Flooring Collection is a Classic Parquet Flooring With A Modern Twist, all being made from engineered flooring.  All floors are pre-finished, this saves a huge amount of time, as there is no need to sand afterwards and finish.  These are truly distinctive and can be laid in a multitude of patterns. The Renaissance Range comes in various finishes which include lacquered, brushed & oiled, hand-scraped and hand-finished. Length of the boards are 500mm, width is 100mm and the thickness is 20mm.

£42.99 per m2 Exc Vat
£45.60 per m2 Exc Vat
£46.30 per m2 Exc Vat
£46.48 per m2 Exc Vat
£65.12 per m2 Exc Vat
£66.09 per m2 Exc Vat
£68.03 per m2 Exc Vat
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