Advice On Wood Flooring

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Is It Safe To Place An Order On Your Website

The website is 100% secure, All transactions are subject to real time card holder authentication with the card issuing bank, using 3D Secure technology provided by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This password protected identity check prevents your credit or debit card details from fraud. When you place an order and go to the checkout, you will be prompted to enter your contact details, address and phone number, you will then have a choice to choose which payment gateway you want to use,then you leave wood flooring supplies website and taken to a secure payment gateway, where you enter your credit card details and pay.

What Is The Best Direction To Install My Flooring

There are two things to consider when deciding which is the best direction to start laying.Firstly see where the main light is coming into the room then run parallel with it, and secondly which is the longest length of the room, this is especially important in a hallway, never lay in the direction of the shortest width.

What Is A Floating Floor

A floating floor is when Engineered or Laminate flooring is laid on top of underlay, and is not attached to the floor in any way, this enables it to expand and contract.

Do You Have Any High Street Shops

We do not have any Shops, we are a on-line only business, this way we can keep our overheads as low as possible so you in turn benefit from reduced prices.

How To Measure A Floor

  1. Square off all areas into rectangles.
  2. Measure main area first, length x width then write it down.
  3. If there are alcoves, usually sides of chimney breast, measure separately.
  4. If you have a curved bay window, measure length x width divided by 2.
  5. When measuring a hall break it up into different areas if an odd shape.
  6. Use the pack calculator on the homepage to find out how many packs you need, you will need to include at least 5% wastage for the offcuts.


Laminate Flooring Advice

Where Can I Install Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is an extremely versatile flooring product. It can be installed in virtually any room of your home, over wood or concrete. There are certain locations that are not recommended for laminate flooring. Because laminate flooring is a wood flooring product it is not recommended that laminates be installed in areas that are frequently exposed to water, or anywhere that may require wet-mopping. Extended exposure to moisture of this type may cause the core of your laminate flooring to warp or swell. In some instances, with special installation procedures, it is possible to install laminate floors in bathrooms where water will not stand on the floor for any length of time, also ensure that all spills are mopped up and dried quickly.
What Do I Need To Do Before Installing Laminate Flooring
  • Ensure that your subfloor is flat, dry, and smooth.
  • Always use underlay under your laminate floor.
  • Laminate flooring can be installed over concrete, wood flooring, vinyl tile, linoleum, tile, or virtually any other hard, flat surface, we find it best to .
  • If getting a tradesman to lay the floor, make sure you order the floor a week earlier, so any delivery problems can be rectified in time.
  • Read the installation instructions carefully.
  • Allow your flooring to acclimatize to the room where it will be installed for as long as possible (minimum time 24 hours)
  • Inspect each flooring panel carefully for defects or damage before installing it.
Do I Get Lots Of Waste When Fitted Laminate Flooring
In a typical box shaped room 5% waste is would be sufficient, but if you are fitting it in a hall or bathroom or kitchen 10% should be okay, remember order extra if not experienced in fitting.

Why Do I Have To Leave An Expansion Gap

You do need to leave a 10mm gap around the floor and any obstacles ie fire surround, the laminate expands and contracts like normal wood does, so if there is no gaps left over time it will creak or lift in places as it expands, plus the warranty is void if you don’t .

Can I Make The Laminate Flooring More Shiny
No, you must not put any waxes or polishes on laminate.
What Is The Best Direction To Install Laminate Flooring

Firstly see where the main light is coming into the room then run parallel with it, and secondly which is the longest length of the room, this is especially important in a hallway, never lay in the direction of the shortest width.