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Wood Flooring Oils & Stains

Finish or revive your wood flooring with Oils & Stains. Big choice available at Internet prices, all from reputable trusted brands such as Bona and Osmo.  Comes in various sized tins from 2.5ltr to 10 ltr, and several finishes. 

Oils & Stains

Osmo Polyx Oil Raw

£13.76£346.95 Exc Vat
£18.76£360.00 Exc Vat

Oils & Stains

Junckers Rustic Oil

£19.00£83.90 Exc Vat
£74.30 Exc Vat
£96.25 Exc Vat
£101.36 Exc Vat
£266.00 Exc Vat
£375.00 Exc Vat
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