Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring-types for kitchens and even bathrooms. However, this versatile and distinctly unique flooring can be used in many rooms and hallways without issue. It offers some amazing benefits and comes in a wide array of different colours and designs.

Many people incorrectly believe laminate to be quite a new type of flooring, at least when compared to other common alternatives. But laminate is actually much older than most people think but in the past decade or so it has become much more popular.

So What Is Laminate?

Laminate flooring is made up of many layers of synthetic material and actually as photographic images imposed over it. A protective transparent layer is then used to shield the photograph while high-density fibreboard (HDF) sits underneath it.


This fibreboard is what gives laminate its strength and solid feel when walking over it. Another protective scratch coating will usually then be applied to the laminate to protect the pattern or design as well.

Because laminate uses high-resolution photographs it can look like pretty much anything! You can opt for solid colours, simple or complex patterns and much more. When it comes to designs there is a lot to consider when it comes to laminate so let’s take a closer look at them.

Colours and Designs

Because laminate flooring uses high-resolution photographic images it can look like almost anything. Many people opt to use laminate to imitate other kinds of flooring like wood or stone and that’s just two of the possibilities.

Because of its frankly unmatched versatility laminate is a flooring that can be used to complement any room. Here at Woodflooring Supplies Ltd we supply a wide variety of designs, so whether you want laminate flooring for a bedroom, living room, kitchen or any other space you are sure to find something you’ll love.

Laminate Flooring Benefits

Laminate might look quite weak especially when compared to hardwood flooring or tiles, but it is actually deceptively strong. The protective coating also helps protect it from scuffs and scratches is it the hardest, strongest flooring available? No, but thanks to is structure it can easily withstand damage.

But where laminate flooring really shines is its water-resistance. If you spill a glass of wine on a carpet it can cause a big mess and the stain can be very hard to fully get out. Spilling liquids on wooden flooring can also lead to issues like stains. If you spill a liquid on laminate you can just dry it up without issue!

Laminate is very easy to clean and because of this, it is a great choice for family homes and households with pets. Laminate is also not affected by changes in humidity which means it can be used safely with underfloor heating and most types of laminate won’t fade in direct sunlight either.

Finally, thanks to laminates versatility and design it is actually quite easy to install. It can be used all around your home without issue and suits all room shapes. It uses a click fitting system that the vast majority of people will easily be able to get to grips with quickly.

So, laminate has plenty of unique benefits and comes in all kinds of designs. If you want a dynamic flooring that is very low-maintenance and is often very budget-friendly then laminate is a great choice.

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