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Hand Scraped Engineered Wood Flooring

Hand scraped engineered wood flooring are manually planed to an uneven wavy appearance, this technique of finishing wood flooring date back hundreds of years and is becoming more desirable again.  Manually textured by hand the surface of each board can also have chiselled knots which are recessed in, creating a one of a kind wooden floor.  

Great Price
£31.77 per m2 Exc Vat
£53.73 per m2 Exc Vat
£55.45 per m2 Exc Vat
£55.46 per m2 Exc Vat

Atkinson & Kirby Pre-Finished Solid Wood Flooring

Atkinson & Kirby Pre-Finished Solid Hatfield Hand Scraped Oak Flooring

£56.66 per m2 Exc Vat
£81.61 per m2 Exc Vat
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