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Our Shop has everything here to complete your new wood flooring purchase, from flooring accessories to Wood Flooring. Buy From Wood Flooring Supplies, A Name You Can Trust.

Wood Flooring Underlay

Vapourstop Tape

£4.18 Exc Vat

Floor Protection

Protective Felt Pads

£4.50 Exc Vat

Flooring Accessories

Oak Veneer Satin Lacquered Scotia

£4.70 Exc Vat

Colour Stained Wood Profiles

Oak Flat Strip 43mm Wide

£5.04£16.22 Exc Vat
£6.54£7.82 Exc Vat
£6.68£8.50 Exc Vat
£6.78 Exc Vat

L-Section/End Cap Profile

Hardwood L-Section 15mm Thick

£6.82£47.80 Exc Vat

L-Section/End Cap Profile

Solid Oak L-Section 7mm Thick

£6.82£26.29 Exc Vat
£7.06£27.23 Exc Vat
£7.06£27.24 Exc Vat

Wood Flooring Adhesives

Stycco Flex Adhesive 290ml

£7.58 Exc Vat
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