Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring has become much more fashionable in recent years, being the premium choice of floors.  Having solid wood floors in your house increases the value of your home.  Nothing beats the solid feel of a solid hardwood floor.

How Long Does A Solid Wood Floor Last

If laid correctly solid wood flooring can last a lifetime. 

How Many Times Can You Sand Solid Wood Flooring

Due to the thickness which ranges from 14mm to 22mm it can be re-sanded many times.  The amount of times you can sand will depend on how much you want to take off with each sand.  If you just want to lacquer the floor again then just a gentle sand will be enough.  So it can still have the amazing look from the day you bought it.

We only sell solid wood flooring from quality manufacturers.  No matter what the size of your project, whether it’s domestic or commercial, we can cater for any quantity and also advise on the under-carriage system if needed.

What Finishes Are Available For Solid Wood Floors

When choosing your solid wood floor one of the options to consider is the finish, we sell several finishes if you want a pre-finished one, for example lacquered or oiled.  Or want an unfinished solid wood flooring where you can colour stain to your personal choice.

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