7 Reasons Why You Should Install Wood Flooring On Stairs

G Stair Nosing 20mm Floor

Here are 7 reasons reasons why you should install wood flooring on stairs. Installing wood flooring on stairs adds value to your home. While choosing flooring for your house can be fairly straightforward, stairs can be a little more difficult. For installation I would always recommend using a professional floor fitter or carpenter. What about […]

Why Grey Flooring Remains The Trendy Flooring Option

Why Grey Flooring Remains The Trendy Flooring Option

One of the most popular and trendy floors today is grey flooring. Grey hue is intensely versatile and available in quality warm and cool shades. Being a neutral range, grey offers every home owner endless decor possibilities so will go with any coloured walls and will add class and value to your home.  This tops […]

Best Pet Friendly Flooring Guide 2019

Best Pet Friendly Flooring Guide

Having a pet is a lot of fun but not one that comes without work. A dog or cat can do a lot of damage to certain types of flooring. Good news is you can take some precautions to limit this by simply added rugs to certain types of flooring. Certain types of flooring just […]

Tips Before Installing A Floating Engineered Wood Floor

Floating Installations Engineered wood flooring is generally suitable for laying over water-fed underfloor heating systems. Please contact your supplier for technical information prior to laying. PRE-INSTALLATION We recommend a professional floor fitter install your engineered wood floor, these will have the necessary measuring equipment. To keep the wood in excellent condition it is imperative that […]

Pros And Cons Of Engineered Wood Flooring

189mm Clay Grey Engineered Oak Flooring Brushed & Matt Lacquered

Few flooring options can match the popularity of wood flooring! It seems like everyone wants it and if they can’t get it they want flooring that at least imitates the look of it. Hardwood flooring is undeniably stylish and as a timeless look to it so it’s easy to see why it is so popular. […]

Laminate Flooring – 7 Reasons To Choose This Amazing Flooring

Swiss Krono Premium Natural Varnished Oak Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring – 7 Reasons To Choose This Amazing Flooring When searching for flooring you aren’t exactly short of options but laminate flooring is certainly something anyone should consider. Even a simpler more budget-friendly plain laminate can be incredibly beneficial and look stunning once installed! Below, I’ve outlined my personal top 7 reasons to choose […]

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