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Junckers provides solid floors, floor related products and services with focus on quality, performance, flexibility and environmental care.

The company was founded in Denmark in the 1930s and Junckers Ltd has been a wholly owned subsidiary operating in the UK since 1961 – with a wide range of own produced products Junckers today has a global presence with a strong position and a well-founded reputation.

Oils & Stains

Junckers Rustic Oil

£19.00£83.90 Exc Vat

Wood Flooring Underlay

Junckers Sylvafoam 2mm Underlay

£29.00£52.00 Exc Vat
£62.54 Exc Vat
£62.54 Exc Vat

Wood Floor Finishes

Junckers Base Prime 5 Litres

£72.72 Exc Vat
£76.83 Exc Vat
Great Price
£78.00 Exc Vat
£87.22 Exc Vat
Out of stock
Great Price
£129.85 Exc Vat
£201.10 Exc Vat
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