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Door Treads Wooden

Door Treads Wooden (T-Sections, Ramp Profiles or Carpet To Wood) are used for finishing your hardwood floor to doorways.  Hardwood T-Section or door profile is used to bridge two floors of similar or same height. These are generally used in doorways.  Available in several wood species and different lengths.  Also comes in different thicknesses which are 15mm and 20mm.  A Ramp Profile is used to adjust the height of the wood flooring down to it’s original height. These are especially useful when joining onto Vinyl or Lino Flooring.  We sell ramp profile in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut, and in different thicknesses of 15mm and 20mm.  Lengths available are 900mm and 2400mm, and come in unfinished and a lacquered finish.  Hardwood Wood To Carpet Reducer is used to finish the solid wood flooring where a slight reduction in height between flooring is required. This is useful when finishing up to carpet or laminate flooring.

£9.76£35.91 Exc Vat
£9.92 Exc Vat
£12.12£40.70 Exc Vat
£12.67£48.90 Exc Vat
£12.80£46.03 Exc Vat
£16.08£62.07 Exc Vat
£16.77 Exc Vat
£18.80£71.43 Exc Vat
£19.84£59.52 Exc Vat

Wood Flooring Mouldings

Colour Stained Oak Ramp 15mm

£24.01£72.04 Exc Vat
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