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Rustic Barn Flooring

If you are wanting to buy rustic barn flooring that has been deep hand scraped, stained and is really rustic looking then we sell engineered oak that are a plank wide board.  Engineered flooring is made basically from three layers, a solid wood top layer ranging from 1mm to 6mm in thickness, which is glued to thin pieces of plywood what run in different directions, this makes for a much more stable wood compared to solid wood.
Engineered flooring come in two different ways of fitting the floor planks together, first it comes in tongue and groove edges which can be secret nailed to a wooden sub-floor or can be glued down if laying onto a concrete base, secondly Engineered floors come with an easy to fit click together system that can be installed as a floating floor, making installation easier.

£49.15 per m2 Exc Vat
£54.99 per m2 Exc Vat
£61.56 per m2 Exc Vat
£62.64 per m2 Exc Vat
£61.56 per m2 Exc Vat

Atkinson & Kirby Pre-Finished Solid Wood Flooring

Atkinson & Kirby Pre-Finished Solid Hatfield Hand Scraped Oak Flooring

£64.80 per m2 Exc Vat
£102.07 per m2 Exc Vat
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