Benefits Of Oiled Oak Flooring

Atkinson & Kirby Concept Engineered Indian Summer Oak Floor Natural Oiled

Benefits Of Oiled Oak Flooring

One of the benefits of Oiled oak flooring is that it provides a warm natural looking floor, that are easy to maintain and repair. Oiling a oak floor really brings out the grain, and fine detail. Using oil on wooden floors has been used for hundreds of years, so is a tried and tested finish.

Unlike Polyurethane lacquered floors, oil oak floors don’t have to be re-sanded totally, you can just slightly sand down the affected area then clean and apply a maintenance oil.

Oiled Oak Flooring is especially suitable if you have pets, if a lacquered oak floor gets scratch then there is not a quick fix, but with an oiled oak floor you can simply clean, then rub oil into the affected area.

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