7 Reasons Why You Should Install Wood Flooring On Stairs

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7 Reasons Why You Should Install Wood Flooring On Stairs

Here are 7 reasons why you should install wood flooring on stairs. Installing wood flooring on stairs adds value to your home. While choosing flooring for your house can be fairly straightforward, stairs can be a little more difficult. For installation, I would always recommend using a professional floor fitter or carpenter. What about the expense, costs more than carpet but outlasts them a dozen times? Please read on to find out why wood floors on stairs is a great choice.

So Easy To Keep Clean

Wood flooring is incredibly easy to maintain, making it a great choice for your home. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors don’t trap as much dust or allergens. Keeping them clean is a breeze – just a quick sweep and mop a few times a week will do the trick. Installing wood flooring on stairs? Here are 7 reasons why you should go for it!


Having Wood Flooring On Stairs Is Hard Wearing

Installing wood flooring on stairs offers numerous benefits and is known for its durability. By properly maintaining your wood floor, it can easily last a lifetime, making it a wise investment. In contrast, carpets on stairs often require frequent replacement to maintain a visually pleasing appearance. Discover the 7 reasons why you should consider installing wood flooring on stairs.


Cost Of Installing Wood Flooring On Stairs

While the upfront expenses might exceed those of carpet installation, it’s crucial to think about the potential long-term savings when comparing the two options. Say goodbye to the hassle and costs associated with replacing carpets multiple times. Embrace the unbeatable benefits of wood flooring on stairs!


Great Choice For Asthma And Allergy Sufferers

In the UK alone, approximately 5.4 million people suffer from asthma, affecting one in every 11 individuals and one in five households. If you’re currently renovating or constructing a new home, this is an excellent opportunity to consider the installation of a healthy wood floor. Unlike carpets, which tend to harbour dust, hair, dead skin, dirt, and insects, wood flooring provides a much cleaner and allergen-free environment. It’s worth noting that dust on the floor and dust mites hidden within carpets are known to be the leading triggers for allergies and asthma. Say goodbye to these issues by opting for wood flooring instead.


So Long Lasting

Wood flooring on stairs is incredibly durable, lasting for many decades in residential homes. The best part? You can easily give them a fresh, new look whenever you want. All it takes is a bit of sanding, followed by your choice of oil or lacquer finish. With this simple DIY technique, your stairs will keep looking brand new time and time again.

Give It That WOW Factor

Wood flooring on stairs can really add that “wow factor” to your home. Picture yourself entering a house and being greeted by stunning oak stairs. If you’re considering this upgrade, I highly advise hiring a professional floor fitter or carpenter to ensure a proper installation. You definitely don’t want to end up with a poorly fitted oak stair case, as it would be both noticeable and costly to fix. Plus, opting for wood flooring eliminates the need for rugs that could potentially cause tripping hazards. And the best part? It’s super easy to vacuum and keep clean. So, if you’re looking to give your stairs a stylish and cosy makeover, wood flooring is the way to go.

Oak Flooring Is The Number One Choice Stairs

Oak floors look fantastic and this is the best selling wood species in the UK. There is so much variety with hardwood floors but the current fashion is having a real oak floor on your stairs, it’s modern, it’s vintage, it’s got character. Looks amazing in open plan living spaces, definitely a head turner. When selecting wood flooring do look for sustainable woods and suppliers who source certified timber products.

We sell engineered oak flooring which is 220mm wide with matching oak stair nosing’s, either as unfinished, lacquered or colour stained.  So you can be confident that the nosing is a perfect fit with the oak flooring.  Samples available for the flooring and stair nosing’s so you can be confident of your purchase.

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