7 Reasons Why You Should Install Wood Flooring On Stairs

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7 Reasons Why You Should Install Wood Flooring On Stairs

Here are 7 reasons reasons why you should install wood flooring on stairs. Installing wood flooring on stairs adds value to your home. While choosing flooring for your house can be fairly straightforward, stairs can be a little more difficult. For installation I would always recommend using a professional floor fitter or carpenter. What about expense, costs more than carpet but outlasts them a dozen times? Please read on to find out why wood floors on stairs is a great choice.

So Easy To Keep Clean

Wood flooring provides a very low-maintenance option for your home. Hardwood floors don’t collect as much dust or allergens as carpet does, and cleaning mostly involves daily sweeping and mopping a few times a week.

Having Wood Flooring On Stairs Is Hard Wearing

If you look after your wood floor then there is no reason why it would not last a lifetime, a looked after hardwood floor is a great choice.  Carpets on stairs generally need replacing every several years if you want it to look good.

Cost Of Installing Wood Flooring On Stairs

The initial cost may be more than having a carpet but think of the long term savings compared to replacing a carpet a number of times.

Great Choice For Asthma And Allergy Sufferers

There are around 5.4 million people with asthma in the UK, which means asthma affects one in every 11 people and one in five households. If you’re renovating or building a new house, you have an ideal opportunity to consider laying a healthy wood floor. Carpets are the largest contributor of dust in the home. They contain hair and dead skin, dirt and insects. It seems that dust on the floor and dust mites in carpets are considered to be the biggest triggers for allergies and asthma sufferers.

So Long Lasting

In a residential home having wood stairs will last decades. They are easily refinished, just a slight sand is required first then finish with either oil or lacquer. So you can enjoy that new looking floor over and over.

Will Give Your House The Wow Factor

Just imagine walking into a house and the first thing you see is beautiful oak stairs.  I would always recommend a professional floor fitter or carpenter to fit your wood flooring.  As a poorly fitted oak stair case would stand out and be a costly mistake. Also it’s cosy, there are no rugs to trip over and it can be vacuumed and cleaned so easy.

Oak Flooring Is The Number One Choice Stairs

Oak floors look fantastic and this is the best selling wood species in the UK. There is so much variety with hardwood floors but the current fashion is having a real oak floor on your stairs, it’s modern, it’s vintage, it’s got character. Looks amazing in open plan living spaces, definitely a head turner. When selecting wood flooring do look for sustainable woods and suppliers who source certified timber products.

We sell engineered oak flooring which is 220mm wide with matching oak stair nosings, either as unfinished, lacquered or colour stained.  So you can be confident that the nosing is a perfect fit with the oak flooring.  Samples available for the flooring and stair nosings so you can be confident of your purchase.

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